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Tru Tuner Drum Tuning System, drum tuning, how to tune your drums

Tru Tuner drum tuning system – snake oil product?

Hey guys Kevin from Drummers I Like here with some ideas and opinions on a new drum tuning product I've seen advertised recently. The Tru Tuner drum tuning system. The Tru Tuner Drum Tuning System device is a tuner for drums and uses a clear reinforced polyca...
drummers i like, drummers i like update, Drummers I Like Podcast

Drummers I Like Update – Podcast & New Website

Hey Everyone, Richard here with a quick update to fill everyone in on all the happenings over here at Drummers I Like. This Includes Updates for the Drummers I like podcast, Our upcoming interview With Sam from Veil of Maya and More!! Today we have launched ...