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Welcome back to this week’s episode of Drummers I like. Today we are joined by Josh Berrios, founder of The Drummers Corner Group and drummer for The Funk Factory.

Josh endorses Heart Cymbals, Kbrakes, Sweet Spot Clutches, Mia Moore Sticks, Drum Dots, Rim Riser, Big Fat Snare Drum, Sledge Pad, JamTech, and True Tuner.

In this episode:

  1. A dream come true: Josh breaks it down from the start as he details his journey behind the kit.
  2. The Funk Factory: 15 years of playing and building chemistry can really mean a lot for a group. Josh gives us a rundown of his longstanding music project.
  3. The evolution of organic growth: In a world full of paid placement it’s truly hard to get your footing. Josh speaks to his massive organic growth while giving insights and tips on how he did it!

Joshua Berrios is a man that is down to earth and has a passion for sharing. Josh is a Brooklyn drummer who has a vision of a drumming community for the greater good. Josh started Drummers Corner Group as a way to share independent custom drum companies with others who might not know of these brands and it took off. No monetary gain or grabbing for money Josh did this because the drumming community is one of a kind and he embraces this.

Rapid Singles

1.What was holding you back from becoming a successful drummer? Balancing drums and family

  1. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? Follow your heart. Go with your gut. Your best idea is what you want when you have no outside influences
  1. What’s a personal habit that contributes to your success? Staying Focused
  1. Share a resource or tool that helps you survive as a drummer. Tempo Advance App
  2. Imagine you woke up tomorrow in a world exactly like ours, you still had all the same knowledge and talent that you have as a drummer but you know no one. All you have is $500, a smartphone, and small portable drum set. What would you do first? Start a social media page, and keep the 500 in my pocket cuz everything else is paid for.

Thanks for joining us in this week’s episode. Thank you, Josh Berrios! It was a chat that won’t be forgotten. Keep an eye out for the Drummers Corner Podcast.

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