2016 Review Show – Drummers I like Podcast #29


Welcome back to another episode of the Drummers I Like Podcast! This week we are bringing you our end of the year 2016 update show and filling you in on everything going on at the Drummers I Like camp!

It has seriously been one of the biggest years in Drummers I Like history and the amount of things we have done are almost too much to fit into a single podcast, but we are absolutely stoked about what’s been happening and what’s about to go down for the year 2017 and can’t wait to bring you all this new!!

Richard and Kevin kick off this week’s episode by recapping the week and talking the holidays with the family.

10:30 – 12:40: We start off this episode by looking back to April 20th when our first show was aired and how we have grown as a company and as individuals. The constantly increasing number of downloads and subscribers have all been the direct result of our dedication to providing something to our listeners we would want to hear ourselves, as drummers.

12:45 – 15:25: Now we recap the amazing artists we have had on the show

  • Sam Applebaum of Veil of Maya
  • Matt Halpern of Periphery
  • Freddy Charles
  • Benjamin Benzel Cowan of Parliament Funk
  • Steve Carey of The Color Morale
  • Anthony Martone
  • Jovan Dawkins producer for Jamie Foxx
  • Jesse Shelley of Sleep Wave
  • Travis Orbin of Darkest Hour
  • Jared Easterling of Fit For A King
  • Jay Postones of Tesseract
  • Mike Levine
  • Pablo Viveros of Chelsea Grin
  • Amir Oosman
  • Alex Camerena from Silent Plant
  • Charlie Engen up and coming
  • Josh Manuel of Issues
  • Jared Folk Founder/owner of Drumeo
  • Richie Martinez IG up and comer
  • Jessica Bureaux IG up and comer
  • Aaron Stechauner of Rings of Saturn
  • Jamie Gamble of Beyonce
  • Craig Pilo of Frankie Vallie
  • Samus Menihane of Vanna
  • Tito Felix Of Upon a Burning Body

15:25 – 32:00: Now we break down how we have expanded on social media and all the exciting news for 2017. Starting on YouTube where we now have 2k followers. And getting close to 10K followers on Instagram! Social media is what has launched Drummers I Like and it couldn’t be what it is without our amazing followers. Something like 3,000 plus #Drummersilike hashtags is using on Instagram. The amazing feedback from our 2017 brand rep search. We have a lot of exciting interviews, artists, and even a Drummers I like app in the store for next year. Drummer takeovers live shows, gear reviews, and of course new shows every week with some very exciting drummers!

32:00- 37:00: Lastly we just would like to say thank you to our fans most importantly, for tuning each week for, following our social media pages. Of course thanks to the artists for taking the time to allow us to interview them. And thank you for your continued support into the next year we couldn’t be happier to bring as much drumming awesomeness to you guys in 2017 as we can.

Well, that wraps it up for this episode of the Drummers I like Podcast 2016 update and for this year in general! Once again, we can’t thank our listeners enough for giving us a reason to do this show every week and consistently showing us love via social media! Make sure you catch next week’s first episode of 2017 featuring Tosh The Drummer!!!

Until next time!

– Rich – with contributions from Josh Bonner

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