5 Drumeo Guest Drum Lessons Every Drummer Should See


Drumeo has slowly become the biggest name in drumming education over the 4 years that it has been on the scene.

With over 600k subscribers and nearing 140 million views on Youtube, former Drummers I Like guest Jared Falk has created a community of drummers from all over the world teaching, learning, and creating. Over the years Jared Falk has begun to bring on guests from all over the drumming world to come and teach on Drumeo. From old funk masters to speed metal thrashers, these drummers know their stuff. Drummers like Benny Greb, Casey Cooper, Tony Royster Jr, and Eric Moore have been guests on this amazing channel. Today I will do an overview of 5 Drumeo guest lessons that ever drummer could benefit from, regardless of genre, age, or experience. These lessons are all over an hour in length and available for free on Drumeo’s Youtube channel.

Thomas Lang: Applying Technique on the Drum Set

For this lesson, the fantastic Thomas Lang teaches us how to apply techniques that most drummers already know to the different parts of the drum set. With insane chops and the drumming knowledge to back them up, Thomas Lang has every qualification to teach these concepts. He starts with single stroke rolls, moves to doubles, then to the 3-stroke roll, so on and so forth. This lesson, in particular, is jam-packed with information. This lesson covers so much content, taught so quickly, that I’ve watched it 3 times and still have more to learn from it. The repeat view is well worth it though. Thomas Lang is a drumming master, and this lesson demonstrates that.


Matt Garstka: Utilizing Systems & Methods For Efficient Practice

The drummer for the math-metal band Animals as Leaders brings us through some of his personal teachings and practicing methods to learning new music and developing new skills. Everyone has space to learn more, and Gartska is an enthusiast for continuous and consistent improvement through practice. Watching any video of this guy will make you want to eat up any advice he has, he’s an absolute monster behind the kit. He additionally graduated from Berklee in 2011 and brings this musical knowledge and discipline to the forefront of his teaching. In this video, Matt teaches five different practice techniques, troubleshooting, slowing down, repetition, transcription, and planning practice. They may seem simple, but there is much more to these methods than they seem. Along with the amazing content in this lesson, the improvised jam at 46:20 is a sight to behold.

John Blackwell – Drumming Discipline & Improvisation

Another Berklee graduate, and Prince’s drummer, John Blackwell teaches an important lesson in control behind the kit. We aren’t talking stick control here, we’re talking about self-control. It’s extremely important for any drummer to know when to hold back their chops and focus on the pocket, and when to let loose and unleash a crazy fast solo. In an age when gospel chops and blast beats are more popular than ever, this lesson carries an important message. John also covers the topic of improvisation and the intricacy of a solo. The most important note that John makes on this topic is “Never practice a solo”. You can practice playing solos, but practicing a specific solo takes the soul out of it. An overall important lesson, it serves as a reminder of what an amazing player and person John was. For those who don’t know, John passed away last July after a long fought battle with a tumor in his brain. All here at DrummersILike offer our condolences to his wife Yaritza and the rest of the Blackwell family, we have truly lost a great man and a fantastic musician.

Thomas Pridgen: Applying Rudiments to the Drum-set

Rudiments unarguably are the most boring part of learning the drums. Even mentioning the word “rudiment” gives most players a flashback of sitting in front of a rubber pad practicing for hours, bored out of their mind. In this lesson, however, Thomas Pridgen reminds us all why we need to practice our rudiments more. As the drummer for Mars Volta, the winner of the Guitar Center Drum-off, and an all-around brilliant musician, Thomas is extremely qualified to speak on this topic. Be prepared to learn, Thomas is high energy and an expert teacher. Being Drumeo’s most popular guest lesson, and my personal favorite, this is not something you want to miss.

Benny Greb: The Art & Science of Groove

Teaching out of his DVD titled “The Art and Science of Groove”, Benny provides amazing advice on how to learn groove. Many musicians will say that you can’t teach groove, that it is a born quality that you either have, or you don’t. But in this lesson, Benny proves them all wrong. Benny covers 5 fields to focus on when working on groove, Time, Feel, Sound, Body, and Mind. These topics not only will help you develop a groove but help you improve your drumming as a whole. The topics covered in this lesson, and in Benny’s DVD, are applicable to any player in any situation. But Benny isn’t just a master of groove, he is an excellent educator. He breaks down these concepts to a digestible level and makes them accessible to everyone. Greb is one of my favorite drummers of all time, he is a truly unique musician with a lot to teach, and we all have a lot to learn.

Constantly learning is the key to success in any field of study, and drumming is no exception. Drumeo is a company who is investing deeply into the education of drummers, and these lessons demonstrate that. These videos teach helpful concepts that are essential tools in any drummers toolbox. Do yourself a favor and give these lessons some time and attention, you won’t regret it.

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