#61: TJ Hartmann – Self Made Music Producer & Drum Engineer


Welcome back to episode 61 of the Drummers I Like Podcast. This week we have the pleasure of chatting with TJ Hartmann. TJ is a session and touring drummer with a passion and serious strength for self-producing the amazing work he does behind the drum kit.

TJ is sponsored by Pearl Drums, Evans Drumheads, Innovative Percussion, Alclair In-Ear Monitors, and Audio Technica Microphones.

About our guest:

Hailing from the great state of Ohio, our guest TJ has a love for drums that is as pure as the driven snow. TJ started his journey at the early age of 10 when his elementary school music class gave everyone the opportunity to pick instruments. It was in this moment that his Father pivoted his life for the better when he told his son HELL NO to the trumpet, crossed it out, put drums on there and sent him back with the much-needed signature that would start the legacy that has since been created.

Key points from today’s podcast:

Like Father, Like Son: TJ gives us a detailed journey into his childhood experience learning drums with a father that was right by his side every step of the day. In order to maintain the sense of comforting presence, TJ’s father was very adamant about participating and taking every lesson with TJ. This will play a role down the road as TJ breaks down his drive, focus, and determination to succeed in the world of percussion.

The Marching Years: TJ breaks down the extensive time he spent behind the snare drum as he went through the ranks. He started out in high school working with one of the best teachers right out of DCI in an experience TJ claimed was highly regarded in his school. During these years he made his way to the top and eventually graduated into drum-core. After playing for a few well-respected marching groups in the Ohio area TJ went on to become the section leader in his final year.

The Long Road: After utterly walking circles around everything he put his hands on TJ decided to take his hand at CAL State Long beach for his degree in Jazz Studies. This is where things changed for TJ as he was quick to cite his knack for focusing on more playing and less reading starting to come back to bite him. He chose to take a break from Cal-State and enroll into MI where a phone call with an offer to play in an emerging band changed everything for him.

The Swift Transition: TJ’s time spent with the band coined him a true interest and basic understanding of studio production. He would soon take this knowledge and start to build on it over the next ten years as he took a self-guided crash course in music production. This pure passion and interest would eventually push him to create his Instagram and Youtube channels we are all so fond of today

In closing:

After a long journey in California, TJ would eventually head back to Ohio to build his life. He is now a married man and proud Father that has taken over 10 years to master his craft behind the kit. His many years touring and recording with the band sparked a true love and interest for music and drum production that he has turned into a focused brand putting out a new song and drum video to back it every single day. TJ is a passionate professional and someone that I personally have taken a serious interest in regarding playing the drums.

Month 5 of Drummers I Like pro will be hosted by TJ and he will be taking us through his entire production process as he teaches us how to put together a high-quality product from the luxury of our own homes. I personally will be spending a lot of time working through that month as I start to upgrade my own home studio via his guidance and direction!

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That’s it for episode 61 of the Drummers I like Podcast. We will be back Monday with another episode of the Daily Fill featuring a new Drum Lesson from our head educator Scott Jackson.

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