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On today’s episode, we talk about a little bug that’s been in my ear for the last 3 years.


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The infamous Superior Drummer has plagued me for years now and It’s not the products fault. It’s entirely mine.

Where do we start?

It all starts back in 2014 when I decided to pick up the Roland tdk11kv Electronic Drumset in preparation for the birth of my first Son Everett. I was extremely excited to get my kit and for weeks I waited for the delivery and I planned out my attack of drum covers and jams.

The Big Issue:

My kit finally arrived and I was SO stoked to get her setup and ready for jamming. After a ton of work and efforts to get it nice and comfy, I was ready for action. I set my seat up, got my aux cords, plugged my iPhone into the module, picked a track to play my drums too and grabbed the sticks. Upon my first hit, I was immediately thrown back with frustration as the snare sounded like a pair of dish pans smacking a tennis ball court. This kit sounded so fake and so computerized that I could barely get through the jam session. My only fix was to turn up the music mix, drown out the majority of the drum mix, and just feel it out.

The Fix: Superior Drummer is my savior

After years of frustration, I finally needed to find a fix for my drum module issue. I jumped on google and started researching mixing videos for the kit and although I was able to find a ton of information I still wasn’t satisfied. As I scrolled down the youtube search engine and I came across this video.

It wasn’t the comparison of sounds that drove me to my conclusion of using Superior Drummer. It was the title that reminded me of the software my best friends used in college to write our album. I started to get so excited because I remembered the onslaught of drums, cymbals, and kits I could choose from. I just needed to get ahold of my best friend Tom so I could retrieve a copy of his license. This is one of the better parts of the Toon Track Software. It allows you to register it on up to 3 devices. This is perfect for say a group of producers looking to invest in their gear, a band that needs to come together for a tracking solution for their demoing process, or between a group of drummers like me that need to find a solution like the ones offered from toon track.

Superior Drummer X Roland TD11KVS – The Truth will set you free:

So over the next two years, I would come to rely on superior drummer for all my jamming and recording needs. The product’s ease of use was so good that I was able to literally “plug in and play” my drums upon the first 5 minutes of my installation. This is probably the best part of the software as all it requires is a few simple audio accessories to get started. This was in my eyes becoming the best drum software on the market! ( next to EZ DRUMMER 2 )

My superior drummer setup for practicing and recording on my Roland TD11KV:

  1. 2015 Macbook Pro 13″ 16GB ram, 1TB hard drive price ($1500)
  2. Roland TD11KV price ($1499.00) I suggest checking out the Roland td11kv used if you’re on a budget
  3. MIO1 in 1 out Midi to USB interface price ($35)
  4. One set of Studio Audio over the headphone (I use beats)

I know the MacBook and kit are a stretch for a lot of us but it’s important to note that this podcast and post are dedicated to owners of the Roland kit looking to increase the sound options. For a lot of us, achieving this setup requires a quick trip to the Amazon online or Wal-Mart center near you.

The Underlying issue:

So like most of us, I got pretty obsessed with the options I had with the superior drummer and I constantly cut videos that were the quality sound of a studio drummer for simple things like Instagram posts and quick Imessages to friends. As I started to create more videos my curiosity for the way others were doing it started to set in. I had to be prudent and see what the elders and the pros in this space were doing. Needless to say, I was blown away by the potential mixes I could be getting through logic but one thing that stood in my way was my learning curve. I could not be expected to take 20 hours of mixing lessons just to make my snare sound fatter. It just wasn’t going to happen and I didn’t have the patience to insert my efforts into the understanding this would all take. So I stopped caring again.

The answer is right in front of you:

So after a few months of giving up on enhancing my mix, I found myself searching for different setups for Roland Kits when I came across a new mixing video in which they used the built in mixer for Superior drummer to create a GIANT sounding drum kit. I’m not saying that superior drummer is a much easier mixer to work with but I will say that it’s easier to me than any of the other mixing DAWS. It took me about 3 hours to really go through this tutorial on using just simple compression, EQ and transient designer to get a crazy mix.

Here’s what I got going so far:

Not too bad right? I know I need some serious work but damn this thing sounds better than ever. Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you have any advice PLEASE DROP THEM KNOWLEDGE BOMBS!

In closing:

My journey in the land of mixing has only begun and as I grow into this new hobby of mine I will be sure to keep everyone in tune with my education and guidance. I also will make sure to keep up by providing some guidance of my own as we all take a stab at using programmed drums in our practice and recording routines!

That’s it for today’s episode of the daily fill! Want to add to the conversation? Leave a comment below and let us know what you are doing to supercharge your daily routines and keep up with important daily tasks and focus points! If you want more content like this and enjoy what I have to say drop me a line at Richard@drummersilike.com and let me know what you think! Until next time…

– Richard

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