Drummers I Like is a drumming community with a passion for percussion, We offer drum lessons, daily podcasts, guides, & gear reviews that make education easy.

Drummers I Like was founded in 2013 by Richard Ducat with a focus on showcasing all the drummers that Richard was completely obsessed with. Originally focused on metal drummers, Richard used his connections in the prog metal scene to get his camera’s behind the kit at high profile gigs as he grew a small following on Youtube. This led to the early days of Instagram where Richard developed a knack for posting content that other drummers liked. After growing a small following we decided to think even bigger and launch a Podcast focused on interviewing our favorite drummers.

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The Drummers I Like Podcast

The Drummers I Like Podcast features interviews with a new drummer every Friday. The show is focused on learning everything we can about the Drummers we all like the most. We start with learning their stories and from there spend time asking questions and unpacking different portions of the conversation. Each show ends with a rapid fire questions segment that focuses on providing tangible guidance and knowledge for our listeners. Check out a fresh episode here

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The Daily Fill Podcast

The Daily Fill is a daily podcast for drummers. Created specifically for hungry drummers and entrepreneurs craving that daily fill on information and guidance. This podcast features drum lessons, motivational guidance, business lessons, and gear reviews. Check out a fresh episode here