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What’s up, everybody! Kevin coming to you here with Drummers I Like! Today we’re here to catch up with Mr. Adam Marko. Adam is one of our regulars here at DIL & the drummer for European progressive band Special Providence. Adam is a great talent and we are honored to have him here for some quick questions.

 Adam is endorsed by Natal drums from the U.K. If you’ve never checked them out do yourself a favor and go visit their site at You’ll find they have an interesting tie to Marshall Amplification( we thought it was cool ourselves). Adam also plays Meinl cymbals. We asked Adam about some of this great gear and what’s new with Special Providence.  If you haven’t seen his linear groove video that Adam did for us here’s the link, Adam Marko linear groove exercise, do yourself a favor and go check it out. It’s a blast! So here is Adam Marko from Hungry.
D.I.L.: What are some of your drumming and musical influences?  
Adam: I’ve always listened to lots of kinds of music from jazz to metal. This has allowed me to be influenced by all of them. Drummer influences are Ian Paice, Mike Portnoy, Paul Wertico, Gavin Harrison, Dennis Chambers, Vinnie Colaiuta and of course anyone who is doing it with heart & soul. Musical influences are always changing all the time as well as the drummers but here are some important ones: Dream Theater, Pantera, Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Tribal Tech, Chick Corea, Karnivool, Periphery etc.
D.I.L.: What got you into progressive drumming?
Adam: Since my childhood, I’ve been attracted to progressive music (Deep Purple, Pink Floyd) , but the turning point was surely Dream Theater and Mike Portnoy in 1998.   I’ve felt this is the field or platform of music where I can express myself, and to develop my own approach, taste and style in drumming. Basically, that’s why I’ve  founded my band Special Providence as well.
D.I.L.: What are Special Providence’s plans for touring?
Adam: Our new album just came out on GEP records in Brittan, and its getting amazing feedback, reviews worldwide and I’m really happy with all of this. We’ve been working really hard to make this album memorable and it seems that we’ve made a big step forward. You can give a listen to the whole album here: Special Providence – Essence of Change We are playing on some prestigious festivals in the summer in Europe. We are also going out to support Spock’s Beard on their European tour in the fall. It’ll be 16 dates on that tour, which is going to be an amazing experience and good opportunity to widen our audience as well.
D.I.L.: Anything upcoming as far as a U.S. tour?
Adam: Not yet, we haven’t found the perfect agency to work with but I’m sure that the time will come soon when we’ll be playing in the States.
D.I.L.: Why did you choose to endorse Natal Drums?
Adam: Natal has been making drums and percussion instruments since 1965. They have a huge history in the industry, producing drums and hardware of the highest standard of quality in the UK. I got a great opportunity to becoming their artist in 2012. We are working hard to make the brand more known in the drumming world as it deserves. I really love to work with them. They are a great bunch of guys! I got a Bubinga Kit and a Limited Edition maple kit which is my favorite drumkit ever.
D.I.L.: What do you look for in a snare drum and how does Natal deliver that to you Adam: Personally I prefer the metal snare drums but I have a few wooden ones as well which I like very much. My favorite is a Natal hand-hammered bronze snare. The thing sounds like a cannon, it’s awesome!
D.I.L.: Talk about your Menil cymbal setup and why you chose the cymbals you use? Adam: I’m using mostly the Byzance Dark series because of their really tasty, colorful, earthy character as well as some Generation X stacks and Byzance splash cymbals. I’m always changing my setup for the musical projects I’m working on. What the music needs is always my priority.
D.I.L.: What advice can you give young, and up and coming drummers?
Adam: Be persistent, play music and practice a lot and never give it up. Everything is possible!

So that’s about it for our interview with the amazing Adam Marko. Make sure to take some time to visit the links for Adam below. We can’t thank Adam enough for working with us here at Drummers I Like and we look forward to bringing you more coverage of him sooner than later. You can check out his latest play through of Northern Lights by Special Providence  below. Also, be on the lookout we have some very cool stuff within the next month! Exclusive interviews, the Drummers I Like Podcast and other great content you can only get here at Thanks for visiting! 

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