All about the hosts – Drummers I Like Podcast #3


In this episode of the Drummers I Like podcast, we get to know more about the DIL podcast host’s Rich and Kevin, plus Kevin recaps his trip to Tampa to see The Contortionist and more!


What’s up! Drummers I Like is back with episode 3 of the Drummers I Like podcast. In this episode, we tell our listeners a little about Rich and myself. We got into our history on the drums and gave some insight into our journey with drumming and music. Rich and I have quite different musical backgrounds so it’s great to be able to share that with you guys! It’s a great opportunity show how even though there are many drummers out there each one has a unique story behind them and it was definitely fun to get into that.
I also get a chance to talk about my trip to The Orpheum in Tampa Florida to check Joey Baca of The Contortionist and Navene Koperweis of Entheos. Their performances were great and it was awesome to check out their playing again and to catch up with them on how the tour was going and what was new. We touched a little bit on what we’ve been working on with our personal practice routines lately and even get a little into some gear related stuff too.

We urge our listeners and readers to make sure to check out episode 3 of the Drummers I Like podcast and let us know what you think! We’ve included our personal social media links below these notes if you feel like keeping up with what we’re doing individually, so check those out if you’d like too! Until next time

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