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Tuning Assistants and Aids

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Tuning. One word that can make drummers of every skill level shutter with fear. Every drummer has struggled with tuning at one point, finding that perfect tone can be a real hassle. When it comes to tuning, most veteran drummers will tell you to suck it up and learn how to tune your drums by…
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5 Drumeo Guest Drum Lessons Every Drummer Should See

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Drumeo has slowly become the biggest name in drumming education over the 4 years that it has been on the scene. With over 600k subscribers and nearing 140 million views on Youtube, former Drummers I Like guest Jared Falk has created a community of drummers from all over the world teaching, learning, and creating. Over…
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Mobile Alternatives to a Full Size Drum Set

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If you’ve ever moved a full drum set from one place to another, you know that it’s a painful process. Drummers have it the worst when it comes to gear mobility, we can all agree on that. We have to lug around drum shells, cymbals, sticks, accessories, hardware, and we always seem to forget something.…
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The insane growth of the Instagram Drumming Community

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With over 5 million posts in the #drums tag on Instagram, the Instagram Drumming community has been growing at an exponential rate over the last few years. There are huge instagram drumming content creators who focus mainly on Instagram to release drumming videos, photos, and information especially with the lack of real drummer websites floating…