Benjamin Benzel Baltimore Cowan – Drummers I Like Podcast #5


Rich and Kevin are back again with the Drummers I Like podcast. On today’s episode, we bring you the drummer for the George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic show, none other than Mr. Benjamin Benzel Baltimore Cowan.


We’ve been talking with Benjamin Benzel Baltimore Cowan ( Benzel for short) for quite a while now so it was excellent to finally get him on the show with us. He’s a gifted and passionate person and he has received great  insight and help from some of the most renown and famous drummers in the business. Guys like Dave Weckl and probably most importantly, a man he refers to as family more than as a friend, the great Dennis Chambers. Dennis is considered by many to be one of the best drummers of all time. Benzel is also sitting on the throne for George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic show.

The talk we have with Benzel was a lot of fun and very inspiring. He has some strong drumming ideas and a raw way of delivering his message. We get into detail with Benzel about growing up as a drummer and being around Dennis from a young age. Benzel really gets into his shredding when he is traveling around the world and here in the states. He emphasizes the importance of playing with as many musicians as possible and also having drums only sessions with your drumming friends to share knowledge and grow as a drummer. Benzel gets into some of the greats that he’s studied with and also has some insight to a drumming rivalry involving some of those great drummers we all know! There’s so much conversation in this episode that you just have to hear it for yourself.

Just like we always do, we encourage you to visit Benzel’s links to his social media channels and keep up with his touring schedule! Try to get out there and check out the George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic show and you’ll not be disappointed. Benzel’s chops are on display when the music calls for it and when he shreds, HE SHREDS! So listen to the show and enjoy the chat. After that head over to iTunes and give us a rating and review. It’ll help us and it’ll help other listeners find our podcast.

Visit as well as our social media channels to keep updated with what we’re doing and what’s coming up. Also, drummers don’t forget that we’re looking for motivated peoples for an internship at DIL so email your resume to

That about wraps it up for this weeks episode of the Drummers I Like Podcast. Thanks again for listening and we hope you enjoyed our interview with Benjamin Benzel Baltimore Cowan of the George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic show. Till next week!


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GCATPF: George Clinton Parliment Funkadelic Show 

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Music Credits:
Intro/Transitions – Richard Ducat
Outro Track – Disperse – BUTOH
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