Buying Drums, Weekly Updates – Drummers I Like Podcast #35


Hey, Everyone! Welcome back to another episode of the Drummers I Like Podcast! This week Rich, Kevin, and Jamie catch up to chat Buying drums and all the little details involved.

Richard has been busy moving and with the weekly guest scheduling being canceled to ensure a smooth transition the boys wanted to whip out a quick update for all our awesome listeners!

0:00-7:00 – The Boys chat about the weather and how it plays a big part of their day. Fortunately for California, the drought has been temporarily lifted. We will what happens. They go on to chat about the late Butch Trucks and the details surrounding his death

8:00-44:00 – Kevin breaks down his current predicament wrapped around buying a new drum set. We chat Sakae drums and go into depth on custom drums and the difference in craftsmanship revolved around building drums from a solo and manufacturer perspective. We also dive into the history of the Ludwig Black beauty as Jamie breaks down the history of this amazing snare. We also dig into the DW Edge snare and the versatility involved in playing this drum.

We kept it simple this week with Richard’s move but no worries as our guest lineup has piled up beyond belief! Check back next week as Richard, Kevin, and Jamie bring on another amazing guest to talk shop!

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