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What’s going on drummers? Thanks for checking out another great episode of the Drummers I Like podcast! Rich and Kevin have a great talk this week about some things that have been going on in the drummers community and also some Drummers I Like news for things that are in the works!

Some of the main points to check out are Kevin’s ideas on building his own E-Cymbal for electronic drum kits, some great ways to help create better videos to showcase your unique playing skills in a world of social media, and the importance of self-promotion for drummers.

Kevin has been brainstorming for some time now and is ready to delve into the world of homemade e-kits. He’s been working to find some solutions to what it would take to build his own e-cymbals (electronic drum cymbals) as an addition to his Roland v-drum set. His kit has more than a few tired pads. He briefly explains some of his ideas of materials it will take to build and some of the basic steps to wire everything correctly. It all sounds like it should work pretty well so we can’t wait to bring more news about how the first build of E-cymbals will turn out. If all go’s well you can expect some tutorial videos on how to take advantage of this D.I.Y. way to add more sounds to your e-kit on a budget. Kevin should be able to share a ton on this topic as he’s always on a budget!
Rich gets into his weekend of cleaning up and setting up his acoustic drums. This is always a task that we all get excited for then lose enthusiasm about an hour into the project. But Rich endured and got his DW performance series 8×14 snare drum looking amazing and rest of his Shine kit looking spectacular as well. He describes some of the cleaning products he used to get his drums back in tip top shape. Rich also describes his tuning process for that snare and he and Kevin get into a good discussion about Vater Buzzkills and how they stack up against some of the other companies out there that are making a similar drum dampening products.
The guys also get into some new Drummers I Like news as well with the announcement that the next guest on the podcast will be…(drum roll please). Mr. Steve Carey the drummer of The Color Morale. Steve is an excellent drummer and we can’t wait to have a chat with him. Rich talks about his thoughts on Steve and we are all very excited to have him come on with us. Make sure to email or comment us if you have any questions for Steve when we have him on the show. They also talk a bit about Rich’s trip to Florida this week for a much-needed vacation to celebrate his son’s 2nd birthday. Kevin and Rich really look forward to seeing each other as it has been close to a year since that’s happened. Hopefully we should see some great drumming footage of Rich and Kevin hanging out at Kevin’s rehearsal space. Rich should enjoy some quality time behind some acoustic drums as long he can contest with Kevin’s tall-guy-with-long-arms setup. We think he should be good though!
Some other big drumming news that happened this week was the announcement by Gretsch drums. They have announced that none other than Vinnie Colaiuta has come back home to Gretsch drums. We here at Drummers I Like were very happy to hear Vinnie has gone back to Gretsch. Rich and Kevin talk a bit about the announcement and Kevin attempts to clear up some misinformation that has been pretty widespread in the drumming community about the partnership between Gretsch and DW drums. Kevin plays Gretsch himself and has always considered himself a fan of their products and business practices. That brings them to their discussion about the partnership between the two companies and how it can only mean good things for the legendary American drum builders!

Well, that’s about it for this installment of the Drummers I Like Podcast. We can’t thank you enough for coming to visit us here at Drummers I Like and can’t wait to bring you next week’s show! We encourage you to stop by Itunes and leave us a review and rating. It really helps other drummers find our show and helps us learn how we can improve to bring you drummers the show you deserve. Also look for us on all your favorite social media sites. Just search Drummers I Like and come share your drum pics, groove videos, and play-throughs. We love seeing what everybody is doing and may repost some of your stuff too! Again, make sure to send your questions for Steve Carey for next weeks show. We always try to fit as many questions in as we can.

Till next time!

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