Daily Fill #85: Cristian Beaulieu CRUSHES defeat


Welcome to the Wednesday Morning Fuel edition of the Daily Fill! Every Wednesday Richard gets on the line with close friend and associate J.C. Clifford to chat everything from Business, life, the great outdoors, survival, drums and more!

On today’s show, we bring on close friend and the brains behind the Drumtac process Cristian Beaulieu. We cover a litany of situations regarding anxiety, depression, motivation, and the want to get up and go every day. Cristian is an absolute enigma and potentially a super genius that has added so much fuel to the fire for us today and I can’t thank him enough for contributing his time this morning. TAKE NOTES DRUMMERS! This one is LONG!

A few points we cover:

  1. Self-doubt and overcoming your mind’s expectations of itself.
  2. The big risks you have to take in life when choosing to work for yourself.
  3. Perspective change and why you need to see your failures as greatest success

A big point Cristian made that had my jaw to the floor was when we got on the topic of business and how there is always someone else paying the check, making the business work. Cristian asks the simple question “Why can’t I be the someone else”

So I ask you that same question… Why can’t you be that someone else?

– Richard

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