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Welcome to the Tuesday edition of the Daily Fill with our Owner and founder Richard Ducat! Every Tuesday Richard gives us a dose of motivation, guidance, life hacks, marketing tips, and more!

Today’s quote: “Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.” – Dale “pimp limps” Carnegie

On today’s episode, we are back with week 3 of the Drumtrepreneur series! In this series, we focus on strengthening our guidance, focus, balance with challenges that will help hold you accountable for success! Week 3 is going to be my favorite week by far as we get right back into an old subject I speak a lot about. AUTOMATION. I love anything that helps me get the job done and today’s episode is going to be a bare-bones break down of the 3 tools I use the most for Drummers I Like backend automation. Take notes, gear up, and get your Drumtrepreneur shoes on for a THICK episode of the Dail Fill

So now that we are completely decluttered and fully balanced regarding our method of task management and focus we can jump into making shit happen. Trust me when I say that this has taken me multiple years to dial in and during that process, I have probably downloaded (and made the interns download) a million different productivity apps. Today I will spare you the BS and simplify it down to just 3 of the easiest and most user friends hacks for the on the grind drumtrenpreneur.


“IFTTT empowers you to do more with the services you love”… The official quote literally explains it to a T. It’s an automation tool focused on connecting different apps through algorithmic formulas called Applets you can either choose from or create yourself. I have at least 50 applets running weekly and that’s everything from Twitter, to Facebook, Instagram, and even my emails.

Example: Anytime someone tags #drummersilike on twitter I have an applet that runs on the Drummers I Like Twitter forcing it to like that post. Anytime someone follows @drummersilike on twitter the applet auto tweets a thank you to the persons account handle. This creates some pretty cool auto communication that leaves my followers feeling a little-noticed and allows me to see and be notified of who is following me multiple times by checking my feed rather than sorting through notifications.

There are probably at least half a million functional applets at this point and I have been using this app since 2011 college years and it only gets better. Click here visit the site right now and get started. It’s completely free.

Price: Free with unlimited applets

You can check IFTTT out by clicking here

HootSuite: My personal social Jesus and creator of everything amazing.

As it nears it 10 year anniversary I can only say good things about this powerful application that has been my savior for almost 6 years now. HootSuite is the social media mega tool and serves as the literal Hubspot for anything and everything regarding your social media management.

Example: I schedule any reposts through HootSuite and am able to use its giant 6 column drop down board to get a clear idea of what is high definition, quality content from a source I know.

I use it for scheduling everything I can for Drummers I Like, my clients, and personal accounts. It also serves as a mega sourcing tool for the best content as it allows me to setup massive boards for a litany of different hashtags, user-related content, user-specific content, and just about anything in between for pretty much every social channel. The best part? IT MEASURES SOCIAL ANALYTICS and not some basic clown type stuff from a random app. It is somewhat like a google analytics type U.I. giving you graphs, ranking, measurement across the board and more. The app itself is free to use for a certain amount of accounts but the analytics software will cost you $500 big ones so get ready to pony up some big ones but TRUST ME…. It is worth every penny.

Price: Free with basic subscription. $500/year for social analytics and unlimited accounts and teams.

You can check Hootsuite out by clicking here



Ok… I’m an overly excited dude when it comes to this app and what it has done for my self-esteem, productivity, ability to remember, and stay on top of important times of the day, month, year, all my fucking life because without due it’s a basic mess and nightmare…Ok, in a nutshell, it’s a simple reminder app with a built-in AI that can formulate reminders with timers and repetition by using simple statements via textual input or voice. It has everything I need from morning affirmations pumping out all morning to my kid’s weekly events and functions. I even have a reminder to brush my teeth.

Example: When I wake up at 5 AM I am greeted with a 5 AM “wake up before it’s too late reminder” followed by a 5:05 AM “ARE YOU UP YET BITCH” reminder. I know it’s slightly profane but I operate better under more forceful and stressful statements and rhetoric haha. All the way up until 10 AM Due is shooting out all types of stuff keeping me in line with my schedule, obligations, and last minute schedule additions.

Due has probably been in my back pocket as a functional life utility for about 5 years now and where traditional methods of forced productivity have failed, due has succeeded. I seriously wish I had these tools in high school because I got so sick of keeping checklists and journals that it pushed me into throwing the habits away as I exited high school and joined the 2006 American workforce.

Price: $5

You can get due by clicking here

That’s it. That’s the big KEY 3 and everything I need to make my work week stay on par. The best part about these apps is that they are basically free or really cheap and offer value that exceeds the efforts to obtain or price by 100X in my opinion.

The Weekly Challenge:

For this week’s Instagram Drumtrepreneur challenge, I want you to grab one of these apps and start putting them to use to benefit your week and your ability to focus even more.

Here’s how to enter.

  1.  Download one of the apps and do the basic setup.
  2. Subscribe and leave a podcast review on Itunes (CLICK HERE TO LEAVE SUBSCRIBE AND REVIEW)
  3. DM @drummersilike on Instagram to let us know you did it all

Winners get a free 30-40 minute consultation call with, 3 months of access to Drummers I Like Pro, a mention on the podcast and an invite to join me on a roundtable with this month’s winners of our contest. I will choose one winner a week during Tuesday episodes of the Daily Fill!

That’s it for today’s episode of the Daily Fill! Tune in next week for more motivation, more guidance and more practical tips that can be applied to your day today!

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– Richard


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