Daily Fill #118: Drum Lessons – Organize Your Practice Time


Hey Everyone! Welcome back to another Lesson! In this week’s episode of Drum Lessons with Scott Jackson, Scott explains how to stay focused while you are practicing to make sure your mind stays SHARP and FOCUSED the entire time you practice each day!

Breaking up your practice time into smaller or larger time segments is a great process to have in your practice routine. Each day the amount of time you spend on a concept might change, however; the key here is to organize that time. This organization of time into segments will keep your mind focused. How? Why? Well, because our mind is wired to detect nuance, so if we are changing up what we practice ever 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes. This will help our brain stay IN the moment so we don’t get side tracked. As drummers, it is easy to get distracted or be overwhelmed with what to do. Well, this concept of creating Time Segments for your Practice will help you not feel so overwhelmed. Also, it might take sometime to create longer segments for yourself just remember to put away any distractions that will get in the way of your practice. The reason longer segments may take time is you have to train your mind to focus for that amount of time

Key Points From Today’s Lesson:

1. 5 Areas of Practice: Technique, Coordination, Fills/Solo Chops, Improvise, Recording Analysis

2. Analyze Recordings: Remember to set aside time to analyze your recordings

3. Take Short Breaks: In between each segment, remember to take a short 2-5 minute break to reset the mind.

That is it for today’s lesson! Enjoy! Go Practice!

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