Daily Fill #119: Protect your future success


Welcome to the Now Wednesday edition of the Daily Fill with our Owner and founder Richard Ducat! Every Tuesday Richard gives us a dose of motivation, guidance, life hacks, marketing tips, and more!

WHATS UP DRUMTREPRENEURS! Today we chat with a very close friend of mine, a serious inspiration, and a big part of the reason I had opportunities in the music industry. @devjent gets into some pretty dirty details as he breaks down the pitfalls he endured and the protection he didn’t give himself when he decided to sign his life away for an opportunity that was not what he expected.

Big Points from today’s show:

The Deal of a lifetime: Devin breaks down the story behind his swift rise to stardom as he wheeled and dealed with some of the industries biggest power players.

Read the Fine Print: Devin gives us some insight into contractual obligations and learning to read people in the moment. He emphasizes that artists need to keep emotions aside and really focus on the fine print if they want true career longevity.

Paying it forward: I dig deep into the passions involved with Devin’s career change and decision to start managing and guiding up and coming artists.

Our hopes with today’s show were to give our drumtrepreneurs a true insight into what happens when you don’t cover your tracks and protect yourself from the bigger challenges that may come with any decision you make in this extremely volatile industry. I want to thank Devin once again for coming on and telling his story to our listeners and allowing us some real insight into the darker side of the music industry. Since those days Devin has spent his time coaching bands and artists on the methods and practices behind the bands of today. His true passion to help guide others from making the same mistakes he did and truly show them a path to success and growth in this ever-evolving music industry.

The Weekly Challenge:

Leave a review on iTunes with a short explanation on how this episode may have helped you or how you will use some of Devin’s tips to help get you started on your path to success! What does the winner get? A free coaching session with Devin, a free pair of drumsticks, and a month of free coaching with yours truly!

Here’s how to enter.

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That’s it for today’s episode of the Daily Fill! Tune in next week for more motivation, more guidance and more practical tips that can be applied to your day today!

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– Richard


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