Daily Fill 120: Drum Lesson – How and Why To Record Your Practice


Hey Everyone! Welcome back to another Daily Fill Drum Lesson! In this week’s episode of Drum Lessons with Scott Jackson, Scott explains why to record yourself and the steps you can take to make recording yourself part of your practice.

Recording Yourself is the most efficient form of analysis out there. I preach on this because it gives your real time instant feedback! You can find some great devices for low cost that can set you up for success in every aspect of what you do. The process, your routine, how you sound, what you play, your challenges, and your successes. Here are 4 reason what you should take away from analyzing your recordings. Formulate HOW you sound example: the tone of the drums and cymbals. Formulate WHAT you play on the drums example: grooves, fills, chops, soloing, etc… You get feedback on CHALLENGES you are trying to overcome example: maybe making your paradiddles more articulate and cleaner. Feedback on your SUCCESSES example: your time and groove was solid during that drum cover you are working on.

Key Points From Today’s Lesson:

1. Where to Record Yourself: Record EVERYTHING you do! Personal Practice, Rehearsals, Concerts, Recording Studios, and Recording yourself within a recording studio.

2. How To Record Yourself: Scott talks about how to select a device that can help you get great audio quality for a low cost. Also, audio is a must have, but if you can get a video recorder with great audio then you are set for multiple avenues in your career. You can start posting on social media, YouTube, and start promoting yourself.

3. Why You Should Record Yourself: You start to find out HOW you sound. You start to recognize WHAT you like to hear yourself play. Example Fills, grooves, chops, etc… Feedback for overcoming Challenges. Feedback for finding SUCCESSES. Successes will help you fine tune your process of learning, organizing your time, and ultimately will help you streamline your routines.

That is it for today’s lesson! Enjoy! Go Practice!

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