Daily Fill #121: The side hustle struggle


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WHATS UP DRUMTREPRENEURS! We are back with another entry into the drumtrepreneur artist series as we chat side hustles with my close friend Darien Guy. Darien and I have been friends for the past 6 months and since getting to know him I have begun to get his true sense of entrepreneurship as he slowly let me into his world of side hustles and cymbal operations.

Big Points from today’s show:

One step at a time: Darien gives us a quick breakdown into his childhood and the inspiration behind his entrepreneurial ways. We also get a deep sense of his drumming background and skillset as he breaks out his arsenal packed full of drum knowledge and experience.

Career Overload: As we begin to dig into Darien’s story we start pulling out a laundry list of career paths and accolades including being a high school teacher, touring with national recording artists, and managing a cymbal company

The negotiator: As we get into Darien’s current side hustle Smyrna Cymbals we start to get a true understanding of the in’s and out’s of acquiring, developing, and launching a cymbal company.

Darien’s ability to manage a multitude of companies, relationships, and passions with a clear track for success speaks to his true level of competence in business. I really want drummers to get a clear idea of the big picture which is that drumming is not going to pay the bills. It’s going to take multiple jobs and a inventor type mindset that’s not afraid to work 21 hour days. You have to prepare for the big things like failing, getting things wrong, pissing people off, and feeling like quitting. The idea is to not let those things stop you and be prepared to fail 100 times without giving a damn. That’s a drumtrepreneur.

We will be back next with the final installment of the artist series. I have big plans for this show going into 2018 with a handful of new series to explore and new journeys to take!

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