Daily Fill 123: Drum Lesson – Turn Your Beat Around


Hey Everyone! Welcome back to another Daily Fill Drum Lesson! In this week’s episode of Drum Lessons with Scott Jackson, Scott explains some simple methods on how to learn from your mistakes. Furthermore, he talks about not dwelling on mistakes as a negative, but rather embracing those mistakes.

This lesson is more about your mindset. I titled it “Turn Your Beat Around” because that phrase is a metaphor explaining that you can’t be negative. You need to turn that around and be positive. Also, it’s a clever way to hopefully make Gloria Estefan’s song “Turn the Beat Around” relevant again… Hahaha! Okay, serious talk time… As musicians, we automatically pick out all of the “BAD” things we do, and we beat ourselves up about it over and over. Instead, we should do the opposite. Let me tell you a short story. The brain can control anything we do, and how we feel. The brain controls our focus, our heart beat, our lungs, our eyes, ears, and everything else. So, if we constantly beat ourselves about about mistakes. What do you think will happen? I can tell you. I ran into this about 5 years ago… I was getting hypercritical of my playing, and I was being pulled in a lot of different ways. I wanted to play drum set, but I was learning all of the other percussion instruments too. I did not have the time to invest behind the drum set. On top of that, I was hypercritical and beating myself up which leads to two things. Worrying about time constraints leads to stress, and beating yourself up leads to self-doubt. I quickly spiraled into depression. Nothing serious… but for about a month I was feeling really down, burnt out, and struggling to find the passion I once had for music. How did I overcome that? First, I looked at my mistakes and realized they are things I can fix. Second, I stopped beating myself up.

Key Points From Today’s Lesson:

1. Positive Attitude: This is the NUMBER ONE RULE to being good at anything. Be positive ALL THE TIME! You do not suck, it just needs more time.

2. Use Recordings:  You can coach yourself out of it by listening back to recordings of yourself performing. Realize your mistakes and just fix them because mistakes can be fixed.

3. Seek Guidance: Find a teacher or a coach that can help you through those concept that are effecting you. We are available here at Drummers I Like for coaching calls and lessons. We are more than happy to help you.

4. Commit: You have to commit to the change that you are seeking. It will take time, effort, and work, but in the long run when you achieve your goals. You will realize it was worth it.

That is it for today’s lesson! Enjoy! Go Practice!

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