Daily Fill #126: Forget your new years resolution


Welcome to the Now Wednesday edition of the Daily Fill with our Owner and founder Richard Ducat! Every Tuesday Richard gives us a dose of motivation, guidance, life hacks, marketing tips, and more!

WHATS UP DRUMTREPRENEURS! We are back with a fresh episode of the daily fill! Video is still a go and even after multiple attempts at recording this went wrong we still managed to make it happen. Fuck you 2018, we aren’t starting off the year with any of your 2017 BS! On today’s episode, I dial it into New Years Resolutions and why they are a waste of our time. Specifically, the ones that are broad and not very well thought out. We need to break these BIG IDEAS into small steps that are attainable and can be stretched out across the entire year. We also discuss the Predator Percussion give away, I show off my new maple stave snare and I talk about this week’s upcoming guest Kristina Sciano!!

Remeber!!! We are giving away a Predator Percussion Snare!!!  CLICK HERE TO ENTER

– Rich

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