Daily Fill #127: Drum Lesson – Dominate Your Mind With Success


Hey Everyone! Welcome back to another Daily Fill Drum Lesson! In this week’s episode of Drum Lessons with Scott Jackson, Scott explains the amazing concept of Flooding your mind with Success and Positivity.

This lesson is MASSIVE. If you can master this GREAT HABIT, then you will be able to achieve whatever you want to. Period. You will ROCK the entire planet. You will become a force of pure positive success that a lot of people would be jealous of, and others would be inspired by. This is what I am working on… This is my “Ultra Instinct” Being positive, being able to smile, and laugh even when things are at its worst. You need to include this in your practice, life, friendships, career, and everything freakin thing else. No need to stress about life… say this instead “Fantastic. I love a good challenge.” This is the key to being┬á great drummer, musicians, friend, spouse, and person.

So for this New Year. Forget anything your have ever decided was a Goal. And go after this one.

Mastery of a Positive Mind and a Successful Mind.


Key Points From Today’s Lesson:

1. Get around more positive people

2. Do not allow negative thoughts, words, news, or people in your mind

3. Do not Bad talk anyone or anything!

4. Listen to success stories and read books about success.

5. Smile ALWAYS SMILE ­čÖé

That is it for today’s lesson! Enjoy! Go Practice!

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