Daily Fill 134: Limit Breaker – How to Break Your Limits.


Hey Everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Daily Fill! In this week’s episode of Drum Lessons with Scott Jackson, Scott begins to defines confusion.

In order to break your limits, you must RESEARCH, STUDY, PRACTICE, REHEARSE, TRAIN, etc… Do your own homework, take action, and don’t tell yourself “you can’t” Research is so easy now, you can go to youtube, google, and about any other music related website and find the information you need. I guarantee with these 6 steps you will push through any barrier.

Key Points From Today’s Lesson:

1. Research: If you don’t know it, LOOK IT UP

2. Study: After researching, study the information until it’s ingrained

3. Analyze: Look at what your trying to learn, and write it out. It will make more sense

4. Sing it: Say the exercise or count the exercise out loud first

5. Sing it: Now, sing it…

6. Practice Slow: practice it Very slow the first couple of times.

That is it for today’s lesson! Enjoy! Go Practice!

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