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Welcome to the Now Wednesday edition of the Daily Fill with our Owner and founder Richard Ducat! Every Wednesday Richard gives us a dose of motivation, guidance, life hacks, marketing tips, and more!

Today’s Quote: Control your own destiny or someone else will. – Jack Welch

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Today’s show:

After a near 50/50 split decision, I am doing today’s episode based on a pole I held on IG last night… Today we are talking about time optimization and the easiest way to get the most out of your time… I’m going to cover the Pomodoro technique and how I use it in full detail but first I want to start with a story about Baseball and why the theory of single runs vs home runs plays a big part in this breakdown. I will the idea of starting this podcast as an example and representation of each base.

Using this theory with my time spent building drummers I like

  • Base 1 – Stopping the bleeding – and Developed a show concept along with some artwork and a show name
  • Base 2 – Adding in some positive momentum  – Booked 2 guests to test out my abilities to actually do it
  • Base 3 – I started to notice a change – I noticed a change in myself when I launched my first show and was already well into booking my 10th
  • RATCHETING – With each Base, I locked myself in and set up a routine to ensure I would be able to stay on task.

The Pomodoro technique:

So using the past information we have spoken about regarding developing a task list every week the idea here is to set a timer and break your tasks up according to an order of importance. For me, the perfect time spent on a single task without burning myself out or not allowing myself enough time to make progress is 52 minutes.  After this, I take an 8-minute break and afterward I’m ready to jump into my next hour of work. I do this 4 times a day and have managed to do it for the last 16 months of my life seeing the biggest gains in productivity of all time.

Using the ideology I have been able to:

  • Scale my business 10X
  • Find more time for my family and myself
  • Focus on bigger picture ideas
  • Get better at my job
  • and more!

Look… I’m not going to sugar coat the process for you but if you’re already following this show and keeping a day to day list that follows a weekly list then you’re already goal oriented. Simply break this list down into 4-5 hour blocks each day and do what you can to gain momentum each day. You are not going to get it right the first few times… In fact, it took me over a year which is why the small steps really matter the most.

Today’s big question: How are you going to use these techniques yourself and start applying them today?

Until next week…

 – Richard

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