Daily Fill #150: Michael LaPick – Yamaha Public Relations Manager


Today we have the pleasure of chatting with Michael LaPick the Public Relations manager for Yamaha Drums! I had the pleasure of connecting with Michael last year when his team reached out to us to setup podcast interviews with Dave Weckl and Larnell Lewis. Since then, Michael and I have developed a good friendship and got to know each other quite well. This dude is a true drumtrepreneur with a hustler’s mindset and a drive that propels diligent efforts that cast wide influence amongst anyone that has the pleasure of speaking with him. I wanted to bring him on the show to talk corporate lifestyle and what it takes to build a career behind the scenes with a company such as Yamaha. I was impressed to say the least to once again see my theories of good habits and productive mindsets being a trigger point for true success.

Resources Mentioned:

Yamaha Drums


Key Points:

  1. The practical diligence it takes to put yourself in the right place.
  2. Relentlessly seeking out the career path that makes you happy… Even if it means giving up amazing income opportunities.
  3. Understanding how to do your job the best you can while applying fundamentals of a true drumtrepreneur.


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Today’s big question:

Are you just going with the flow or do you have a plan in place?

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