#152: Richy Ramirez – Videographer and Content Curator for Zoom


Today we have the pleasure of chatting with Richy Ramirez. Richy is the Videographer and content curator for Zoom Mics and a Los Angeles Native that is relentless when it comes to his goals and passions. I met Richy through Social Media and as I started to watch I realized that behind the amazing playing was an incredible entrepreneur with a mindset for success. On today’s show, I wanted to pick Richy’s brain on what it takes to make it in today’s industry when it comes to content. Content has become the focal point of our social media existence and with the rat face on blast I knew Richy would provide some great insight.

Resources Mentioned:

Zoom Mics

Key Points:

  1. Taking the time to master your craft and indulging in the 10,000 hours it will take.
  2. Getting in tune with your passions and focusing on making it a career path.
  3. Seeing the big picture, being self-aware, and finding a way..


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Today’s big question:

Are you self-aware and do you have a plan?

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