Daily Fill #157: The Battle Plan Explained


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Today, Scott is walking you through the Practice Log and Marketing Page of The Drummers I Like Battle Plan. This notebook will single handedly change every aspect of your drum practice routine, out look on your career, and start to transform your life – for the better! I have been using a “practice log” for years, but when I started to realize I had less and less time to practice, manage my social media, and my life. I looked for answers! I wanted to find a method that didn’t just work for me, but others too. This Battle Plan will force you to think bigger, be more effective with your time, and more importantly PRODUCE RESULTS.

Key Points:

  1. Having A Practice Template
  2. Recording Yourself and Analyzing Yourself
  3. Schedule performances, YouTube Covers, Clinics, and Everything else
  4. Strategize and Plan your Social Media and Marketing campaigns
  5. Your Long Term Playing Goals



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Today’s big question:

Are you self-aware and do you have a plan?

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