Daily Fill #65: Drum Lessons with Scott


Welcome to the Monday edition of the Daily Fill with our lead educator Scott Jackson! Every Monday Scott drops in to give us a quick drum lesson that we can apply to our playing right now! Let’s get started…

Today’s Drum lesson from Scott:

The news is out and everyone over here at Drummers I Like is excited for our lead educator Scott Jackson to be taking the wheel for month 4 of Drummers I Like Pro! Today on the Daily Fill we are joined by founder Richard Ducat as he chats with Scott regarding month 4 of Drummers I Like Pro and what we can expect throughout this special month of Drummers I Like Pro

Topics discussed
1. Scott’s first week of Pro and why he chose Carter Beauford as the subject matter
2. What we can expect with his complete lesson volume featuring a focus on Paradiddles
3. A little chatter regarding the Instagram guide to growth and how Richard grew 600 followers in 4 weeks!

I hope this helps you in your practice.Thanks for watching and Go Practice!

Month 3 of Pro featuring my Drummers I like Guide to instagram grow is finally complete and you can  click here to experience it in full. Try it and if you love it, then just stay connected and enjoy all the great content we have to offer, if not. Just cancel. No risk, No obligations…

That’s it for the Daily Fill! Tune in Every Morning Monday Through Thursday for a new episode!

– Scott

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Drummers I Like Pro week 4 session 2 is live and this is the final session! I am extending our free 2-day trial over into the weekend and closing the doors this Sunday at midnight PST! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE AND SIGN UP NOW

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