Daily Fill #78: Breast Cancer Can Stick It


Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the Daily Fill with Richard Ducat Founder of Drummers I Like and J.C. Clifford of every company you know of in this industry ha. Wednesdays are special days because we chose today to be our business lesson focus of the week where we dig into fundamentals that drive and motivate us as not only passionate drummers but as career focused drummers too.

Today is a special episode dedicated to the Breast Cancer Can Stick It movement. We all know someone that has been affected by that punk Cancer and we wanted to dedicate today’s show to the cause and everyone that has survived, lost and experienced cancer’s effects in any way.

We have provided a link below if you would like to contribute in any way.


On today’s show

  1. Richard and J.C. catch up on last week’s missed show and what the heck happened.
  2. J.C. talks heavily about the Breast Cancer Can Stick It cause and upcoming event.


Once again,  I want to thank J.C for taking the time to spend with us on Wednesdays as well as everyone that has taken the time to listen to our weekly chats!

– Richard and J.C.

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