Daily Fill #90: Drum Lessons: Levels of Musicianship Part 3


Welcome to the Monday edition of the Daily Fill with our lead educator Scott Jackson! Every Monday Scott drops into give us a quick drum lesson that we can apply to our playing right now! Let’s get started…

Over the next couple of weeks, I wanted to talk about a very subtle and introspective topic. And that topic is, objectively judging your technique and more importantly your Sound behind the drum set. Similar to last week, this week we focus on the start of the Second Primary Class of a Drummer the “Intermediate Class” within these class falls Level 3, 4, 5 and Level 6, however; we will only discuss Level 5 and 6 this week

Let’s break down the Intermediate Class.

The Intermediate Class: This class expands over four different levels, and Level 5 is the pinnacle turning point in your study of drums. This is the level that you either climb the mountain of drumming or you decide, “I am happy with what I can play” Level 6 is the moment you break free, sort of…

So in this stage, I recommend private lessons at least TWICE a month either in person or online via Skype or any other platform. If you want to be self-taught, this is the time for you to seek guidance. Second, I recommend increasing your practice time. Instead of 30 minutes a day of practice time, amp it up to one hour a day.

Level 5: 4-6 years of playing experience

This is the most demanding level in your development behind the drum set. You are learning a ton of different concepts all at the same time. New styles, grooves, rudiments, techniques, soloing skills, reading, rhythms, and anything else drum related. You will have to be behind the drum set more and more! Practicing more will help you through this stage. The less you practice the longer you will be here… So, practice and just don’t practice but practice SMART.

Breakdown of Skills you could learn: The Standard 26 Rudiments, Styles such as Swing, Afro-Cuban, Progressive rock/metal, Soca, Calypso, Samba, Salsa, Guanguanco, Rhumba, Africa styles, etc. Furthermore, you will be learning new rhythms, reading rudiment or snare drum solos. Performing in Jazz Band, Concert Band, Symphony, Cover Bands, or an Original Band. You will start to learn Linear Style of playing Drums

Level 6: 5-7 years of playing experience

Level 6 is a big stage too. You are not quite done studying drums, however; compared to when you first started you are extremely comfortable behind the drum set. Although, you notice something is missing and it can be frustrating. That thing is being creative, finding your “voice” behind the drum set, and is becoming a better musician not just a better drum set player. The drum set is an awkward instrument to play, so you start to put more time in becoming comfortable behind the drum set. So, a primary focus during this stage is Time Keeping while playing a Groove and(NEW AWARENESS) Timekeeping while you SOLO…

For a more detailed breakdown, I will be posting a PDF file with the last Podcast of this series that will available for download.

Remember, Each stage will be different for everyone, and over the coming weeks I will outline each Level via my drum lessons page. The outline is not to tell you what you should be learning, but what you could be learning. Again, this is a very personal guide and each level will vary for each drummer. However, by the end of this series, you should be able to write down the skills you are working on and how skillfully you perform them to determine which Level you are in.

This topic is extremely subtle, and sometimes can make you confront areas of your playing you haven’t thought of before. So, just stay with me, and I guarantee you will have a new positive outlook on your Development as a drummer.

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Thanks for listening and Go Practice!

That’s it for the Daily Fill! Tune in Every Morning Monday Through Thursday for a new episode!

– Scott

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