Daily Fill #99: Drum Lessons with Chris Ozorio from The Marine Corps Band


This week on Drum Lessons with Scott Jackson, we have a very special treat! I have brought on my first guest to help me educate the masses. I want to Welcome Chris Ozorio onto the show. Chris is a Drummer and Percussionist in the Marine Corps Band stationed at MCRD. He has been a great friend to me over the years and is an extremely focused individual. Chris grew up Rio Rico Arizona, a small town where people live simple lives, but at an early age, Chris knew he didn’t want to be there his whole life. So, he decided to go to The University of Arizona where his pursuit of drums and music would really start to take off for him. Chris is a great drummer with tons of knowledge to sha , and is quickly on his way to becoming a premier performer in the drum world. Chris has some unique perspectives that have helped him become a high caliber drummer. Chris can play drum set, mallet percussion, hand percussion instruments, and shreds on the snare drum. I am honored to have the chance to speak with him, and I am excited to share all of this fantastic information with you!

In today’s lesson, Chris gives some information about the Marine Corps band as well as some tips that he uses to stay at the top of his game.

  1. The Marine Corps Band: Chris gives us some information on what it is like to be in the Marine Corps, and also shares some insights into what the band he is attached to does. They tour, play festivals, play ceremonies and have to stay in peak physical condition. Chris brings up a fantastic topic, which is the transition from student to professional, and how the operational tempo increase. Meaning you will have less time to prepare for gigs.
  2. The Beginning: It wouldn’t be a great interview without getting to know Chris, and so he explains what motivated him to be a great drummer. He tells us why he started, and the progression he went on to go from a middle school band drummer to a full-fledged Marine Corps Band member. This is a really enlightening story of how anyone can pursue their dream and make it a reality. Chris’ main focus in the beginning was to just get better at playing drums. Chris developed a daily practice routine of technique, reading skills, timing, and rudiments. With this daily routine, and Chris’ drive to want to get better at drums, he went on to The University of Arizona, and eventually The Marine Corps
  3. Advice: Chris gives some great advice for young drummers looking to make a name for themselves. He gives tips on time management, practice schedule, and explains how humility is the key to growing as a drummer. The key to becoming a better drummer is to focus being a better musician and person. Chris has some unique perspectives that have helped him

This episode is jam packed with great topics and advice for those drummers looking to become better at their craft. Enjoy the insight from Chris Ozorio from the Marine Corps Band

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Thanks for listening and Go Practice!

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– Scott

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