Daily Fill #39: Can you even content, bro?


Welcome back to the Daily Fill brought to you by Drummers I Like

After a few failed attempts at creating some content this weekend, I wanted to take some time to chat about what I think it takes to create good content(drum videos, pictures, anything related to drums) that converts likes into followers and followers into long term fans.

What you can expect to hear on this episode:

  1. A breakdown of my clumsy attempt at cutting some drum videos outside this week.
  2. I give you my 3 Keys to creating successful drum content.
  3. I touch base on Pro and give you a little preview into what you can expect next month.
  4. I’m bringing back the weekly contest and changing our game up a little.

I am signing a virtual no bullshit contract with all of my listeners. No more hiccups on episodes of the daily fill, contests, free shit and more!

– Richard

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