Daily Fill #46: Be a Savage


What’s going on today?

We got hacked, I fudged up and deleted our backup, I binged 48 hours of design and implementation of a new website, launched our new website, spent a day editing it, and now I am catching up from a day missed of the Daily Fill due to all that work. Sorry, I’m not always perfect lol.

A few points We cover: 

  • My journey from no site to new site including some key tips on the dos and do not’s of website development.
  • The importance of paying attention to every single detail.
  • A quick update on Pro month 3 and the webinar.

I hope you enjoy the new site design and the new layout of things over here at Drummers I like. I wanted to make it clear, concise and to the point, so everyone could enjoy a simple and powerful experience.

That’s it for the Daily Fill! Tune in Every Morning Monday Through Thursday for a new episode!

– Richard

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