Daily Fill #57: Drum Lessons with Scott


Welcome to the Monday edition of the Daily Fill with our lead educator Scott Jackson! Every Monday Scott drops in to give us a quick drum lesson that we can apply to our playing right now! Let’s get started…

Today’s Drum lesson from Scott:

So, “Tricky” it is! I got obsessed with Benny Greb’s new song and started transcribing the solo from it. He does this cool flurry of notes RRL between the cymbal stack and floor tom. Again, I’m using the Lowest Common Denominator idea.

This is a fragment of a six stroke roll, so if you have that in your vocabulary already this will be Very easy to add into your playing.

If not, it is still really easy because it aligns with DownBeats! No crazy Syncopation, although you could if you want to, but just a fun sticking pattern with an exciting Orchestration.

I hope this helps you in your practice.Thanks for watching and Go Practice!

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That’s it for the Daily Fill! Tune in Every Morning Monday Through Thursday for a new episode!

– Scott

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