Daily Fill #76: Drum Lessons with Scott


Welcome to the Monday edition of the Daily Fill with our lead educator Scott Jackson! Every Monday Scott drops into give us a quick drum lesson that we can apply to our playing right now! Let’s get started…

On Today’s Drum lesson from Scott we talk about playing drums in your apartment, the do’s and dont’s of being a good neighbor, and how Scott makes drum lessons happen in his 1 bedroom apartment.

Breaking Down Fences:

  1. Introduce yourself: Scott talks about being a drummer living in an apartment and how you can go about befriending them to help them understand why you want to pound on drums. Let them know it is your way of life, and they will be more understanding.
  2. Be presentable: Make sure you’re wearing nice clothes. Don’t introduce yourself wearing what you would to them gym. Dress up! Sundays Best people. At least wear jeans and a nice shirt. But if you suit up, that is even better. People will judge you based off what you are wearing. So Dress UP!
  3. Be Grateful: Make sure you let your neighbor know that you sincerely appreciate them ALLOWING you to play drums. Thank them for their time, patience, and understanding. Leave a card on their door with a small gift or something.

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I hope this helps you in your practice.Thanks for watching and Go Practice!

That’s it for the Daily Fill! Tune in Every Morning Monday Through Thursday for a new episode!

– Scott

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