Daily Fill #77: Finding your purpose


Welcome to the Tuesday edition of the Daily Fill with Richard. Today we are chatting about that one thing that keeps us going. DRIVE. PASSION. FOCUS. Where does it start? that’s easy. It starts with a purpose and finding that life purpose might be easier then you think. Today Richard chats about his 3-day sick vacation and the stuff that’s on his mind regarding his own life purpose and how he came to figure it all out. This one gets deep.

On today’s show:

  1. Rich talks deep on what it takes for him to stay driven and passionate
  2. We get into life purpose and how its the simple things that keep us on track
  3. I talk a little bit about our new patreon on page, Drummers I Like Pro and more.

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That’s it for the Daily Fill! Tune in Every Morning Monday Through Thursday for a new episode!

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