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Hello fellow drummers! Thanks for coming back to Today we’re going to go over a quick and easy double bass drum workout that has been helping us here at Drummers I Like get faster and cleaner double bass drum technique. This post was a doozie for us as we love playing double bass drums!

This is nothing earth shattering or super original. It’s just a nice simple set up double bass pedal exercises that can really get your double bass work to the next level. It involves three short exercises. The key to the lesson is to find what the fastest tempo that you can play these exercises very cleanly with a metronome. Remember slower is better, find your comfort zone.

So lets get to the exercises. ( don’t forget your double bass drum Pedal)

First, single stroke 16th notes. Set your metronome to your desired tempo and set a stopwatch on your phone or however, you need to. Play exercise number one for 1:00 straight. Find your rhythm with them metronome and focus on making each note clean and precise. Next will be 8th note doubles. I found using 8th notes in this exercise helps on slowing them down to focus on playing evenly and consistently. I also found in exercise two that I would focus on making my left foot play with the same velocity as the right. Isolating the weakness in the left foot and improving it will work wonders for your double bass playing.

Last but not least is 16th note triplets. On these, I alternated the left and right foot leads. Think RLR, LRL, RLR, LRL. This one also helped a great deal with strengthening the left foot. When you pick you tempos to start this exercise make sure that you take some time with finding the fastest tempo you can play each part clean and without mistake. That should be your starting point. When I started this workout the tempo for the last exercise was much slower than the first two. After your first time through the exercises bump up the metronome 2 b.p.m. the next day and if you do that over five days then by the end of the week you will have increased that starting tempo by 10 bpm. Keep that up and you’ll be cleaning up that double bass drum playing in no time.

That’s about it! Now go out and spend three minutes out of your daily practice routine and help out your double bass drumming today. Don’t forget to be creative too. One thing that I’ve done is added hairtas as a fourth exercise. You can even add paradiddles if you want.  Thanks for visiting and contact us with any questions you may have. Keep checking back with for everything from exercises like this to exclusive video and info on your favorite drummers!

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