Drum Lesson: How To Hack Groove Coordination


In today’s Lesson, Scott will walk you through a few ideas that he uses to get the most out of his drum exercises. To see the transcription click here To view the Parameter Set Explanation click here

Hi Everyone, Scott here! This is one of my favorite processes that I use to be more creative and learn how to move around the drum set all at the same time. I think of exercises, like this one, as a way of not only learning something new to play, but to also explore it. I want to have the most options out of everything I learn in order to be more adaptable in a performance setting. This method of practicing drums will allow you to learn new neuro-pathways for coordination, but at the same time help you understand the importance of being able to use a single idea for many situations. It also will give you a better compass for internal dynamics, musical choice, and texture which are three of the most important aspects of playing drums.

In this particular exercise, I am exploring the possibilities with count ‘E” or the 2nd 16th note in the pattern. I have a few reason for exploring that exact rhythm.

  1. Using the Weaker Hand – It forces your weak hand to move around the drums
  2. Ear Training – I want to hear that rhythm better to have better time.
  3. Common Rhythm – It is quite common to hear many recordings with that rhythm being used in the groove with many different textures and interpretations.

With these 3 elements in mind, you can start to train MULTIPLE aspects that are required to be a GREAT drummer all with just one exercise. Enjoy and Have Fun!!

REMEMBER! The ultimate goal is to Serve The Music

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Thanks for listening and Go Practice!

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– Scott

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