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Let’s face it Carlton Barrett of the famous Bob Marley is a pretty unsung hero in the list of legendary drummers.

I’ll challenge anybody to argue that Carlton Barrett crafted the sound that we hear in almost every modern Reggae style act in the scene. Hell, he’s the reason we all as drummers know what the one drop is, in my opinion. His amazing playing with Bob Marley and the impact he has had on professional drummers around the world has put him on the list of best drummers of all time!

The life of Carlton Barrett was tragically cut short but his reach is still touching new drummers to this day. I for one can attest for that but, I’m a rock drummer who fell in love with reggae music when I was in my early teens so maybe I am biased. I grew up living on Florida’s east coast where there is a big surf scene and a lot of venues on the intercoastal waterway and inevitably you’ll be exposed to this music. However, as much as I enjoyed this style of music I never really made it a point to learn to play it.

As I embark on that journey now it challenges me and gives me, even more, respect for Carlton Barrett. The way he fused genres of music with Bob Marley surely should put him on everyone’s list of great drummers.
Check this classic from Carlton.

So if you haven’t really checked this guy out do yourself a favor and do it. Just listen to anything that the Wailers recorded from 1969 until Bob Marley’s death in 1981. It’s a huge catalog of music so no one should have any problems finding a cut to sit down and play along to. You’ll fully appreciate this unsung drummer and see why I think he should be considered one of the great originators.

Now get out there and drop the one for Carlton Barrett, Bob Marley, and the Wailers! Make sure to keep checking back here at we have tons of new content to bring to all you drummers out there!

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