Drummers I like is getting back in gear!


(update: the Drummers I like Podcast is now Live in all podcast apps including Itunes and google play. Thanks Drummers! )

Hello fellow Drummers. First of all. It’s good to be back. although under slightly new domain name drummersilike.net are still the same force! You can still find us at Drummersilike.com, but Our main handle will be the .net version moving forward

Please Bare with us as we are slowly acquiring content and getting the ball rolling on developing even more amazing post worthy content! First of all, we hope you love the new website design as much as we do! Our founder Richard Ducat is a Web Developer and head of Digital Sync in Santa Monica, CA! He was able to set aside some time and put some tender loving care into the Drummers I like home base and we are so stoked to flaunt the new look! We are also in the developmental stages of our new podcast ” the drummers i like podcast ” . The Drummers I like Podcast will be a weekly show featuring up to date industry information and interviews with your favorite drummers!

We are also looking to bring on new interns and build the team at Drummers I like! We need content writers, social media gurus, SEO techs and graphic designers to help make this team grow to its full potential. Please contact richard@drummersilike.com if you are interested in working with us or if you have any questions what so over!

That is all, for now, Fellow drummers! Remember to look out for the drummers I like podcast on Itunes and podcast apps everywhere this fall and don’t forget to follow us on all our social media channels ( check the links below )

– The Drummers I like Team

Drummers I Like Links

website: www.drummersilike.net

Instagram: @drummersilike

Facebook: facebook.com/Drummersilike

Twitter: @drummersilike

Digital Sync Links

website: www.thedigitalsync.com

Instagram: @thedigitalsync

Facebook: facebook.com/thedigitalsync

Twitter: @digitalsync_

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