Drummers I Like catches up with Sam of Veil of Maya


This week Drummers I Like had a chance to catch up with long time friend Sam Applebaum of Veil of Maya.

Veil of Maya

Sams current setup

Along with a new Album drop and Full U.S tour, Veil of Maya is coming out fresh with a brand new vocalist that’s bringing an amazing new dynamic to the band! Today Veil of Maya released  “MATRIARCH” , its debut album with new vocalist Lukas Magyar ( purchase it here ) ! We are stoked to get this album on repeat and even more excited for their upcoming headliner ( video soon )! Now for the Drummers I Like interview With Sam Applebaum!

DIL – How was the last tour and how was your first time out with a new singer?
Sam – The last tour went great, it was a short run to SXSW with our friends in After the burial and it was very cool. Our first tour with Lukas was great as well. He’s a great dude and musician so it’s a pleasure to have him in the band.
DIL – I heard you were giving lessons now, how have your students been and are you seeing returning students ?
Sam – Yes I did start giving lessons on tour. The students I have worked with have been really cool. I haven’t seen any returning students but I do encourage them to keep in touch and get in touch at any point if they have questions. A few of them have.
DIL – How has it been transitioning to a new vocalist while writing an album?
Sam – Well this album took a very long time to come together. Marc does the writing so he was doing the writing in a lot of different places. Transitioning to a new vocalist wasn’t that hard during the writing, as a decent amount had been done already before we found Lukas.
DIL – We heard that each song will sound different from the other. Can you explain That a little ?
Sam – Well as a band you want to maintain a sound, but also expand on it to push your limits. I feel like all the songs on matriarch have their own personality and def. sound much different than each other. Lots of different options for different moods
DIL – Veil has grown tremendously over the last year and with the new vocalist what are your goals for the next year?
Sam – Well thank you, it’s kind of one of those never ending challenges to grow a band. Now with Lukas on vocals we have a little more flexibility on what we can do, our goal is just to get our music out to as many as people as possible, and hope that people enjoy!
DIL – What were your influences for the album?
Sam – I guess my influences for the album were a lot of different people and things. Just all the different drummers and bands we toured with recently helped influence me on this album
DIL – When can fans see you next and how can they book a lesson with you?
Sam – next time you can see Veil of Maya would be on the matriarch tour ( buy tickets here ) . Come out to a show if it’s coming near you. And you can schedule a lesson with me by sending a direct message to my Instagram or sending me an email at insurrectiondrum@yahoo.com
DIL – Anyone you want to thank!
Sam – Shout out to Meinl cymbals for taking such amazing care of me. Shout out to Tama for making sick drums. Shout out to Evans! Shout to Vic firth! And thanks for giving me this opportunity!

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Instagram – @samapplebaum
Twitter – @Sammyapples
The Entertainment Institute – Sam’s Profile

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