Freddy Charles – Drummers I Like Podcast #4


Hello drummers and listeners! Drummers I Like here again with another episode of the Drummers I Like Podcast. This week we had the honor of having Freddy Charles as our guest.


Freddy is a multi-instrumentalist, a drummer and an accomplished entrepreneur that has found his favorite place being behind the kit. He definitely brings a unique insight to drumming and you can thank that to his diverse musical skills. His sense of time and incredible feel on the drums stands out in his playing. All three of us had a great chat and got into Freddy’s early drumming journey as well as his influences, his opinions on digging into the roots of drumming, and the hot humid weather of Miami. We (especially Kevin) were pretty excited that he cited Bill Bruford as one of his main influences.

We can all agree that drummers of all ages should check him out (especially you young guns) and take in some of his very original drumming. Freddy gave us some insight into his rehearsal spaces in both New York and his really cool setup in Miami that is actually like a shipping container. Freddy explained that its kind of like one of those pods that you can pack and store large items in. Freddy has taken it and added some acoustic treatment to make it an awesome place to film his excellent drum videos! We had a great discussion and Freddy has a great outlook and humble approach to drumming in general. It was cool to hear a little about his musical mindset as well as his journey from drummer to guitarist to vocalist and back to a drummer. Drummers that have taken the time to perfect their talent can really appreciate the journey Freddy has taken with enough information to add to your own. Freddy has some really cool things going on right now and we get into this and more during the podcast.  Make sure to link up with Freddy by checking out the links below this post if you’re not following him already.

Thanks again for listening to the Drummers I Like podcast and please feel free to give us your feedback. We want to know how we’re doing and the more feedback the better. We are always striving to improve and it takes your opinions and thoughts and want to make each episode better than the last. ‘Till next week! Thanks again for listening!



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  • Freddy is the man. Good job on this episode guys!!

  • […] This was the fourth episode and at the time Freddy was like a social media god to me. He really helped put us on the map and his allegiance and friendship has stood a character justification ever since. We learned a lot about this drumpretrenuer and I was nothing short of inspired. Want to know what it takes to pursue your passions while traveling the world? Hear it on episode 4 of the Drummers I Like Podcast Get the full scoop in episode 4 of the Drummers I Like Podcast featuring Freddy Charles! Just Click here! […]


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