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In the Drummers I Like podcast episode #9, Rich and I cover a range of news in our drum community. Gary Husband with Antonie Fafard’s new project Sphere. Dave Mustaine has a new Megadeth drummer  and Sabian’s Crescent clinic tour. All this plus more with our usual banter and opinions.

It’s great to get back to you with a podcast! We’ve been putting a lot of attention on building Drummers I Like and it has taken quite a bit of work and time to get all of our plans together. We apologize for the delays. Rich and I are glad to welcome Zak Diaz to our team. He’s got off to a great start and makes a great addition to our team! Rich and I are lucky to have Zak and Tyler with us. They do great work! So let’s get on to the show!

Drummer Gary Husband has been working with Antoine Fafard’s latest project Sphere. We know Gary is a rare gem in our drum world. Well, at least most of us. (Rich!) His work continues to showcase his impressive drumming! With Gary being an accomplished pianist he always brings a refreshing approach that plays so well with any music he puts his drumming stamp on. Gary is also featured on some piano and keyboard with Sphere too. So go check out our link to a video that talks about the new project and has a lot of Gary explaining his great work on this awesome music!

Dave Mustaine was back in the drumming news again for his recent announcement that there’s a new Megadeth lineup! They have introduced their new drummer Dirk Verburen. We all know Dirk from his excellent drumming for the band Soilwork as well work with other acts like Devin Townsend, Meshuggah, and Jeff Loomis among others. Drummers I Like really loves Dirk’s passion for education as well. He’s an accomplished clinician and through his Dirk Blasts videos. We’re very happy for Dirk getting the gig. Make sure to listen to me vent about Dave Mustaine and Megadeth a bit on the show too!!!

Also in gear and clinic related news, Sabian has announced their Crescent clinic tour to highlight their line of Crescent cymbals. It’s actually two clinics: One set of dates featuring jazz legend Jeff Hamilton. Then another set of dates for a tour with New Orleans great Stanton Moore. Both artists have their own signature collections. Stanton’s cymbals just bear his own name and Jeff’s are called the Hammertone. The clinics will be held at some of Sabian’s hand selected boutique dealers. Check out our links for more info, dates, and locations for the clinics. I’m trying to get Rich to get out to Jeff Hamilton’s clinic in Hollywood so leave him a comment and encourage him to go too!

We touch on an article I came across on that talked about not relying on your close friends and family to support your band. I know the topic seems a little harsh, but the author does bring up some good points. Rich and I cover some of those thoughts and our opinions on the article so listen for that and tell us what you think too!

As always we thank you, drummers, for listening and for your continued support. Keep on the look out on our social media sites and website as well for some new contest ideas we have in the works. We are working hard to bring you the most relevant drummer news, as well as anything related to drums. Right now we are asking you to tag us in your drum videos on Instagram and we will repost every week! Make sure to subscribe to the podcast through our website. Just look for the buttons on the right of the homepage to subscribe on Itunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or grab the RSS feed and put it in your favorite 3rd party podcast app. Also make sure to leave us a review too. It makes it easier for drummers to find us and lets us know what you guys want to hear as well. Check out all of our links in these notes and at the bottom of the page and make sure to tune in for Drummers I Like podcast episode #10. We are very excited to get into the double digits and are trying to put together a memorable show. Till then!


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