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Welcome back to this weeks’ episode of the Drummers I Like podcast. Today we had the pleasure of sitting down with Greg Hersey. Greg is an educator, touring drummer and the founder of the #Completethebeat Instagram series. Greg is endorsed by Cympads, DrumTacs, DrumDial, Kickport, RimRiser, and OneBeat Better.

In this Episode

  • Discover the path that leads Greg to become an educator behind the drums.
  • The role models and mentors that Greg learned from and how he takes their positive reinforcement and teaches his students to be confident behind the kit.
  • The tightknit community of drummers that sparked the idea of “Complete the Beat.” as an education tool and way to connect others in this age of technology.

About Greg

Greg Hersey is a Florida native that comes from a family of drummers. At a young age, Greg grew up around the kit. One of the biggest influences at the beginning for Greg was his dad Scott. Once the seed had been planted Greg found his niche through some old school drummers such as Steve Gadd, Vic Firth, and young Tony Royster Jr. With such a wide variety of musical styles, these DVD’s pushed Greg to widen his depth of knowledge and playing style further.

Greg started to get paid gigs while still in high school. These gigs were mostly local shows where Greg and his band mates played cover songs at bars and smaller venues. The aspect of being a paid musician at a young age gave Greg the drive to continue pursuing music. After high school, Greg auditioned at a handful of universities to study music further and eventually graduated from the University of North Florida.

“I know this is a good idea because nobody else is doing it!”

Not all great ideas are obvious, but all obvious ideas are great, and the idea of sharing a groove with others via Instagram in which individuals can learn from and add to the beat themselves is an excellent idea. Greg thought this concept through for quite some time before posting his videos. The primary focus of the videos was to break the stigma that to be a good drummer meant you had to shed regularly.

Being an inspiration to others, sharing your passion with the world, having compassion and humility will take you farther than you could ever have imagined. Competition is always around trying to bring you down but holding true to yourself being positive, genuine human lands the gig every time. Hear it first hand from Greg the most down to earth, easy going drummers around in this week’s episode.

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Thanks for joining us this week!

Drum resource of the week: The TonalEnergy

Greg’s recommended book is: Tommy Igoe’s: Groove Essentials 1.0

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