Daily Fill #33: Instagram growth hacking for drummers


Welcome to Episode 33 of the Daily Fill! Today We are chatting Instagram growth hacking for drummers!

The Daily Quote:

Jim Rohn: “You can not change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight”

What’s going on today Drummers?

It’s a fresh week over here at Drummers I Like and I wanted to start it with some major knowledge bombs! Today I want to dwell deep into the art of Instagram growth hacking and some of the methods I use to grow our account every day.  Along with Drummers I Like, I also run a handful of other social media accounts that have experienced some pretty fascination growth rates. Some of the techniques I use are proprietary and some are out in the open… I’ll fill you in.

A few points I cover: 

  • The amount of time it takes to develop and execute your plan
  • Why understanding your brand demographic is key.
  • How continual adjustment is KEY!

Whatever way you choose to look at it growing a channel on Instagram is not easy these days. I hope some of this stuff helps you and if you have some sweet techniques you are using yourself just let us know and we will talk next time!


That’s it for the Daily Fill! Tune in Every Morning Monday Through Thursday for a new episode!

– Richard

Daily Music (heard in intro/outro):

Conditions – The end of progression

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