Drum Lesson: Intro to Jazz Drumming Coordination


In this drum lesson, Scott gives you a very basic exercise to get you started with your jazz drumming adventure. This Lesson Breaks down:

  • 1. Swing Ride Cymbal Pattern
  • 2. The Hi hat part
  • 3. The Bass Drum Part
  • 4. Snare Drum Comping
  • 5. How to improvise with the exercise.


This exercise is meant to get you digging in on the basic groove of swing music. Remember swing music is not complex at the core. It still needs to groove just like the rock/funk grooves you are playing. All drum set parts need to GROOVE! If you can get this to feel great, than everything else is just coordination, which just takes practice. Playing drums in a Jazz setting can be complex, but in the beginning it is for straight forward. It is so important to have a great foundation with this genre of music because later on it will be challenging as we will add the bass drum and hi hat pedal as their own voice.

Playing Jazz Music is SO much fun! Everyone should learn how to play this style, but for drummers it is very important because this is the genre in which our instrument was built. If you trace the history of Jazz, you will also find the lineage of the Drum Set. This style of music forces you to think out side of the box, and can quickly mature your playing to the next level!

Watch the video below and embark on your new journey to learning how to play Jazz.

That’s it for this lesson! Go Practice.

The Weekly Challenge:

Send a picture of you Documenting your successes while practicing for at least 5 days, and you will get a shout out from Drummers I Like on our Instagram Story. This will be a reoccurring challenge each week. Meaning you can enter at least once every week

Here’s How To Enter

  1. Take a picture of what you wrote down in a log/journal that was successful in your practice routine for 5 days with current dates between 11/6/2017 through 11/12/2017
  2. Explain why it helped you to keep a log/journal of your successes.
  3. Follow at @Drummersilike on instagram
  4. DM the picture and explanation to @drummersilike on Instagram or email it to scott@drummersilike.com

That is it! Really easy and we will give you shout out.


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