Jared Easterling – Drummers I Like Podcast #13


Hey, Drummers! We are back with another great episode of the Drummers I Like podcast. Today our guest is the young, extremely talented and humble Jared Easterling!

Those who know Jared’s playing. Whether it’s playing in his band Fit For A King or any of his social media streams. Knows he seriously holds it down behind the kit. His playing is groovy with just the perfect touch of technicality speckled with emotion that’s locked in the pocket. We really had a great time getting to know the beast that is Jared and after a long chat, we really felt like we made a new friend! So sit back, relax and enjoy another great episode of the Drummers I Like Podcast!

Rich got the info on Jared quite a while ago from a mutual friend of his band. He knew to keep up with their progress and they we’re coming out heavy and strong. We start our show in the regular Drummers I Like fashion– getting the info on how he got into drumming and some history up to now.  Jared got into drumming basically just to see if they could actually make the drumline in middle school. From there, he fell in love with the craft and continued to play through high school so he got a good grasp of rudimental drumming from those experiences. Like most drummers of his age, he was heavily influenced by the drumming of Aaron Gillespie. Rich and Jared have a good talk about listening and learning Underoath songs and how Aaron helped shape their playing. Those traits still shine through each of them to this day.

Rich also points out how comfortable Jared’s setup looks! That starts us out on a great talk about gear. Make sure to listen for a great chat about Jared’s choice of Meinl cymbals and how he changes things up as well as his favorite cymbal right now. It was really cool to get into a chat about the writing process for Fit For A King. He also talks a lot about the evolution of the band. Like we can all attest to, progressing a band to the level that Jared has is a very tall order. His insight into what that road has been like is indispensable for young drummers out there that have dreams of doing the same thing one day. Jared continues that talk with us all the way to what he’s doing currently with his band. They have a great lyric video for the song Pissed Off on their newest album Deathgrip. They’ll be doing some touring soon so make sure to keep up with their schedule. You’ll want to make sure to get out to a show near your town and enjoy Jared’s drumming.

We finally move into our final portion of the show, The Rapid singles, this is the part of the show in which we run through six questions intended to give you the users some serious insight to go home with! We cover topics such as Jared’s best piece of advice and his favorite tools/resources for drummers. He also gets deep into the hurdles he had to overcome in order to take his career to then next level and of course our exciting question #6 which always provides a unique answer and Jared’s was no exception.

This wraps it up for this episode the Podcast! We can’t thank Jared enough for coming on to the show and are looking forward to catching up with him in person soon so we can check out that seat height! Don’t forget to pick up/pre-order his band fit for a king’s new album ” DeathGrip”.

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Kevin Ciarlelli

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