Jay Postones – Drummers I Like Podcast #14


Welcome back to another episode of the Drummers I Like Podcast. Today we are extremely excited to bring you Jay Postones!

By now, anyone who plays drums knows that the name Jay Postones is associated with only the most technical and mind blowing of playing and when he isn’t shredding it out his band Tesseract, he is building drums and running his Company Planet Earth Drums.

We have been trying to set this interview up for ages so it was nice to finally link up with our good friend Jay Postones! The last time we got to hang with Jay was back in April of 2014 when we set up some awesome drum cams! We start with business as usual as Jay gives us a detailed run-down of his introduction to music, what led him to play drums and how he got the where he is today playing with Tesseract. Pushing deeper into the envelope of Jay’s approach to playing and writing we are astonished to learn that he has no formal educational training and is for the most part completely self-taught.

Moving on we go into deep detail regarding Jay’s setup breaking down each drum and cymbal on his rig as well as his awesome Porter and Davis Drum Throne. Jay also breaks down his tuning regimen and how he achieves that sweet sound live by using different approaches. We even touch base on a more obscure way of tuning your floor tom that both Jay and Rich learned from our great friend Matt Halpern. As we tread down this detailed path Kevin plugs Jay on his more recent drum building ventures getting deep into his recent Stave Snare build with even more detail as Jay breaks down his approach to the drum building Business.

As we start to wind things down we get into the current state of tesseract and Jay talks a little bit about to upcoming Polaris Re-Release and what it entails. I plug Jay about the future of Tesseract and am pretty stoked to learn that album 4 is a go and in the works as we speak! As we dig deeper, Jay gets talks about the normal writing process for Tesseract and how things have changed for the upcoming album making him more excited than ever for what Tesseract is planning to release… (think that giggling feeling you get when you have insider info that none of your friends have.. that is how Jay is feeling right now).

We finally move into our final portion of the show,  The Rapid singles, this is the part of the show in which we run through six questions intended to give you the users some serious insight to go home with! We cover topics such as Jay’s best piece of advice and nd his favorite tools/resources for drummers. Jay also gets deep into the hurdles he had to overcome in order to take his career to then next level.

This wraps it up for this episode the Drummers I Like Podcast! We can’t thank Jay enough for coming on to the show and are looking forward to joining jay on our respective city dates for the upcoming Tesseract tour with Gojira ( get tickets here ). Expect drum cams and some awesome BTS content from Jay Postones Himself.

Thanks for listening

– Richard

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