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Welcome back to another episode of the Drummers I Like podcast. On today’s show we have the young and very skilled, Jesse Shelley. Jesse handles the drumming duties for Being as and Ocean as well as Sleepwave. 

We couldn’t wait to hear what Jesse had to share with us on today’s show! He was great and we know you drummers will love it. For such a young guy at 24, he’s achieved a lot and talks with a wisdom beyond his years. Jesse plays Truth Custom Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, and 64 Audio for his in-ears.

As with all of our guests, we had Jesse get into his history with drumming and how he started out. Coming from a musical family he got involved from a very young age and took to music very naturally. From smashing Tupperware to being involved in his early local bands Jesse breaks down a lot of early years behind the kit.  His drumming is self-taught which shows he has a great ear for music. He has some great stories and experiences from growing and learning drums. He also talks about getting to the next level in his drumming career, when he started touring, and how networking helped launch him to the status of a full-time drummer. Jesse gets into some of the details about how he got involved with Sleepwave and a little about being in the band with ex-Underoath member Spencer Chamberlain, as well as what led to playing with Being as an Ocean. Jesse hasn’t just sat around and waited for a chance to live his dream. He made sacrifices to get to the next level and his insight is invaluable. We also got into a fun chat about gear. Jesse is a huge John Bonham fan and definitely goes for the big Bonham style drum look and sound. It’s cool to hear how his drums will change depending on the band he’s playing with as well. Probably the coolest stuff that Jesse had to say involves networking and just being a cool person to hang out with. It’s such an important thing, especially for young drummers coming up. When you have to tour the country in tight confines with your band-mates, if you’re a difficult person to get along with you won’t find yourself on many great gigs. We had a great time in our Rapid Singles segment. That’s where you’ll hear a lot about this topic and much more. So make sure to listen for that!
We really can’t thank Jesse enough for coming on and being part of the show. We definitely have to give a shout out to our guy Brendan for getting him booked on the show with us. We think a ton of our listeners will benefit from the points Jesse talks about in this podcast. Keep on the lookout for Jesse’s score in our keeping perfect time challenge. He couldn’t play along live on the air but will be getting back to us on his score.

That’s it for another Drummers I Like podcast. As always, check out the website and subscribe to our show. All our links will be just below this post. Don’t forget to leave us a review to see if you’ll qualify for a Drummers I Like sticker pack! We have some great shows lined up so make sure you hit that subscribe button on your favorite podcast app. Till next week!

Kevin Ciarlelli
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Podcast image of Jesse shot by Brandon Donahue – Check his sick work here! 

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