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What’s up, drummers?! We’re back with another episode of the Drummers I Like podcast. Today is episode #10 and we couldn’t be happier to break into the double digits. Today we had the pleasure of bringing you a chat we had with Jovan Dawkins. Jovan is not only a very accomplished drummer. He’s a renowned producer as well. He’s worked with artists like Jamie Foxx and Travis Barker. Has had his work featured in the movie “The Amazing Spiderman 2”. and was the drummer for Sir Mix-A-Lot at one time.

We want to thank our listeners who have been with us for this first 10 episodes. It’s been a steep learning curve so far, and we’re continuing to learn and grow more every day. Speaking of growing we are excited to announce that we’ve made a few minor changes to the show on this latest episode. We think you’re going to love it.

Our biggest new addition is our segment entitled “Rapid Singles”. It’s a lightning round of six questions that we will ask all of our guests to answer rather quickly. These questions are geared to provide you listeners with knowledge right from the minds of the drummers you like. The answers that you hear will be unique from drummer to drummer and will provide insight to not only improve your drumming skills but how to grow yourself as a business and be successful in the music industry. Another fun new spot on the show is a cool game we found. It’s aimed right at us drummers too. I came across it on “The Beat Loft” and thought it would be a fun challenge for our guests and something the listeners could enjoy as well. The game itself is simple. It begins by playing a metronome click and tells you to either click your mouse button or strike a key on your keyboard in time with the click. As you play along with the click drops out but you have to keep going. When it’s all finished, it grades you on a scale of 0-1000 based on how well you kept the beat with no click. The secret is recording your score for the very first time you play. We will be recording the scores for our guests and you can see how well you match up against some of the best in the business. We had a great time playing the game with Jovan. So make sure to listen to his score.
Another great topic we get into on our chat is Jovan’s new cymbal company “Impact Cymbals”. Everything is just getting off the ground and we were very excited to chat about the details. Impact Cymbals is trying some things that have never been done before in the cymbal industry and we all know its an industry that has been around for centuries. Make sure to listen to what Jovan is doing differently with Impact. We can’t wait to check em’ out for ourselves in person.

Our talk with Jovan Dawkins went great and we think the new additions to the show will continue to be a lot of fun. Jovan dropped a lot of knowledge for you drummers out there today and his answers in our “Rapid Singles” segment are priceless. As always, we thank you for listening to the show and remind you to please stop by and subscribe to the podcast. We also ask that you take the time to give us a review. We can’t explain how much it helps us to keep growing and there might just be something in it for you too. Thanks again. Until next time!

Kevin Ciarlelli

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